Tomato Paste Can

Order Tomato Paste Cans

Tomato paste has long been recognized as one of the main ingredients in Iranian cuisine. Packaging tomato paste, as the most important factor in preserving its quality over time, has been of paramount importance. Metal packaging containers, due to advantages such as resistance to impact, proper sealing, etc., are considered the most important type of tomato paste packaging.

Production of Various Tomato Paste Cans with Azin Can

At Azin Can , we focus on producing various metal cans for packaging tomato paste in medium and large sizes, for kitchen use and export purposes.

To achieve this, we have used automatic production lines and employed experienced personnel to offer our products at the highest quality levels while strictly adhering to performance standards.

Azin Cans’ products in the tomato paste industry can be divided into two main groups: 3 to 5 kg cans of tomato paste and half cans of tomato paste and puree.

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