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We at Azin Can are proud to announce that our products are used in a wide range of food, chemical, decorative, etc. industries.

خدمات آذین قوطی - چاپ و لاک

Azin Can services

At Azin Can, we are proud to offer various other services to our customers in addition to producing all kinds of metal packaging containers.
These services can be divided into three main categories.

About Azin Can

Azin Can Packaging Industries Company (Private Shares) was established in 2007 with registration number 33828 in Mashhad. It started working with the aim of producing high-quality metal packaging  with priority in the food industry. By applying Iran's national standards  and customer-oriented principles, it made success and cooperation with top brands in the country's food industry.

Azin Can  has been able to be the first producer of new cans in the country,  which was produced for the first time in the country and has enjoyed special  popularity among food product manufacturing units.

Azin Can is proudly ready to recruit young and expert and innovative and creative people so that one day we can make our country special in the metal packaging industry.

درباره آذین قوطی

Production facilities

The factory located in Mashhad with an area of 8000 square meters.

Quality Control

Application of ISO9001 quality control and monitoring system


Cooperation with more than 100 reputable national brands

Technical facilities

Applying world-class knowledge in the field of equipment design

Design and production of all kinds of metal packaging containers

As a leading company in the field of metal cans production, with more than 20 years of experience, Azin Can is ready to cooperate in the field of designing and producing all kinds of metal packaging containers.